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Kitting & Assembly Services

What is Quality Kitting and Assembly?

The Quality Kitting and assembly process has become an increasingly popular method of bundling related items together to create a single product that can be sold or distributed. This method has become essential for various industries, including retail distribution and e-commerce fulfillment. The process involves the combination of multiple SKUs, resulting in the creation of a new SKU that can be easily tracked and managed.

One of the main benefits of kitting and assembly is its ability to save valuable inventory space. Businesses can bundle individual products together to create new SKUs, thereby reducing the need for additional storage space. This can also result in a reduction in overall inventory costs, as businesses can optimize their storage space to meet demand.

In addition to inventory space savings, kitting and assembly can also decrease production expenses in manufacturing. By bundling multiple products together, businesses can streamline the manufacturing process, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. This, in turn, can reduce overall production costs and result in a higher profit margin.

Minimize Shipping Time with our State of the Art Logistics Equipment

Our logistics staff feels pleased to provide industry’s most advanced equipment & services that ensure immediate & reliable shipping of goods. We have the ability to bundle together bulk orders in a timely manner, resulting in less lead times so you can fulfill customer demands without any delay.

We have been providing our customers with the best quality kitting and assembly services since last decade. Starting from procurement of materials to packing & delivery of products at quick and affordable price. Shift your burden on 3PL CSI for best outcome.

Industries We Are Serving Mostly

Cost Cutting Kitting and Assembly Services for All Volumes

Our services are designed in a way to be cost-effective to meet the budgets for all kind of customers regardless of whether it’s large or small volume. We use modern equipment and technology to create customized packages for each particular client, thereby lessening production times & maximizing efficiency while also budgeting expenditures.

Highest Quality & Eco-Friendly Materials With Quick Turnarounds

We source high quality, sustainable materials for our kitting and assembly services. Our staff team can immediately identify the appropriate materials to meet all customer requirements, with rapid lead times & quick turnaround times accommodating even the tightest of production schedules.

Why 3PL CSI Kitting & Assembly Services Can Turnaround Your Business

3PL CSI is a leading provider of kitting and assembly services. By making use of advanced logistics & warehousing technology, we meet the ever growing retail demands with fast & cost effective solutions. We are dedicated to providing highest quality kitting materials, plus customized and standard packaging to further enhanced client satisfaction.

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